My name is Alex Johnsson, but you may know me as Al the Killer or short Al. Nothing really important happened until I was 14 years old. A boy moved in the neighbourhood with his family. His name was Jeffry Woods. He had some fights with some kids and I found out that someone set him on fire and he was taken to the hospital. When he came back he was changed, he looked horrible and he was insane.


My parents sent me to buy some bread and fruits from the store. When I came back I found the entrance door opened. I knew dad had a gun in the wardrobe so I took it and went into the living room. I found there my parents and my sister dead and on the mirror written with blood “Jeff”. The only person who I could see now was my girlfriend. I went to her house and told her to go to her relatives for a short period of time until things will settle up. Later that evening I went some and saw that Jane’s house(one of my neighbours) was on fire. I rushed in and saw Jane in the kitchen. I took her and got out of the house. Then I took her to the hospital.


After all this I decided to go alone in the world. One night I got lost in a forest and reached a gate, on which was written “SCP Foundation”.I was and thirstyso I knocked and a guard answered. They agrred to give me water and food, but I had to work for them for one week. After they gave me a room a guy in a orange suit came to me. He gave me a suit same with his. “Put this on” he said “and come with me”. He took me to a black room with a big metal door. On the door was written “SCP-087-Class:Euclid”. “Take this lantern, this phone and go in there. Go down and use the phone if something happens.” Said that guy. As I stepped in the door closed. It was a stairwell which was descending. All was black so I turned on the lantern. I went down like 30 floors and after that I saw a white face looking straight at me. I got scared and run towards the exit. I felt something like a tentacle on my back and after that all was black.


 I woke up in a huge labyrinth. I looked at me. I was dresses in black and I had a mask with a scary smile on it. I couldn’t control myself. When any SCP staff entered my area I went near them and kill the

Al the killer's mask althekiller

Al the Killer's Smile Mask

m. In here I also found another slave. He didn’t talk very much, but I managed to speak with him. “We have to find that white face and kill it. So we will be free.” He finally agreed and we searched for it. When we found it we tried to kill it but we couldn’t manage. We tried again and again and again, but no success. Then we noticed that excessive light harmed the face. So when a SCP guy game we killed him and took his lantern. I put the lantern on the face and the other guy hit it. We finally managed to free ourselves. We woke up back at the gate of the “SCP Foundation”. We were on the outside.


 I somehow found a highway and waved to a car. It stopped. “Where do you go?” the driver asked. “In Ashton.” I said hardly. When we arrived, I stepped out of the car and went to my girlfriend’s house. I went in and found her dead. In my mind I said “Jeff, you bastard!”


As I entered my home I saw something on the table in the kitchen. It was the mask I wore wh


Al's polymorphed tiger form

en I was at SCP and near it, it was a knife with a poisoned  edge. I put the mask on and felt something strange. I thought about my girlfriend’s house and somehow I teleported there. After that I thought about her dog and polymorphed into a dog. I found out that the mask had unique powers and I inherited them. So I had the powers even if I didn’t wore the mask. I looked in the calendar. “3 years have passed since I went in the world. That means I’m 17 years old.” I said to myself.


After this I made a promise. That I will find Jeff and make him pay for what he did to my family and my girlfriend. I decided that my name will be Al the Killer from now on. I’m never going to sleep. “Always aware. Always awake”. I’m hunting Jeff. I polymorphed into lion and run away…


As I ran through fields, steppes and forests the only thing that came in my mind was “Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.”

The Penta Killers

Since then I've teamed up and created "The Penta Killers". The members are:

  • Tigron:
  • Blood Shadow:
    • Seena
    • Angel
    • Blood Shadow(ex-form)
    • Tigron
  • Angel:
  • Seena: